The name at the very heart of ceramics.

Structural Ceramics

Like many ceramic applications, raw material consistency plays a key role in manufacturing high specification roof tiles, bricks and other high quality structural ceramic items. Our portfolio offers a wide range of minerals for both the body composition and also aesthetic colouring.

Our minerals for this application are designed to enhance the properties of the final product and provide key benefits during the manufacturing process including: excellent strength, frost and abrasion resistance of the final piece a wide range of products designed to give good aesthetic appearance and textures improved manufacturing from excellent forming performance, enhanced moisture retention and firmness from our engineered minerals

Our mineral portfolio includes:

Plastic Materials: our range of refined and blended plastic clays and kaolins work to ‘bind’ a mass together.  They can provide increased strength in filter press or plastic extrusion operations allowing for improved forming performance, including moisture retention and firmness. The specialised electrical porcelain blends have low colouring oxides, low carbon and their carefully controlled particle size distribution assists in reducing deformation throughout the production process.

Fillers: our specialist silicas control thermal expansion and shrinkage and also allow the body to breathe during firing.

Fluxes: Sibelco’s range of feldspathic minerals reduces the fusion temperature of the ceramic body and generally form glasses if heated to a sufficiently high enough temperature.

We also offer a range of composite blends and ready-made roof tile engobes.