The name at the very heart of ceramics.


Raw material consistency is critical in the production of quality sanitaryware items.  Our diverse product portfolio can meet all the mineral requirements of manufacturers of the three main types of sanitaryware: sanitary porcelain (vitreous china); fine fire clay and fire clay.

The choice of body raw materials is driven by the properties desired during the two key manufacturing stages:

Casting: cast thickness (rate), cast workability (plasticity/green strength), shrinkage
Firing: vitrification, strength, shrinkage, thermal expansion, colour

We work with our customers to understand their goals before developing an optimum combination of body raw materials including:

Plastic materials: our range of refined and blended plastic clays and kaolins work to ‘bind’ a mass together so that it can be modelled and then hold its shape when dried. 

Fillers: our specialist silicas control thermal expansion and shrinkage and also allow the body to breathe during firing.

Fluxes: Sibelco’s range of feldspathic minerals reduces the fusion temperature of the ceramic body and generally form glasses if heated to a sufficiently high enough temperature.

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