The name at the very heart of ceramics.

Prepared Bodies

Our Ceramic bodies are engineered to suit a wide variety of ceramic applications. They incorporate premium raw materials feeds and can be tailored to match customer specific requirements, providing consistency, accuracy and repeatable results for ceramic manufacturers.

We work with our customers to understand their goals before developing an optimum combination of raw materials and we can provide:

Prepared Bodies: our range of prepared body products encompasses traditional whiteware applications including sanitaryware, tableware, tiles and artistic ceramics.

Engobes: For more specialised applications such as the structural ceramics market, we offer specifically engineered spray-dried engobes for roof tiles and other structural ceramic applications. These are individually designed to the customer’s production body and process and include a wide range of colours.

Ceramic Composites: where local clays or non-plastics are readily available we can prepare partial body mixes which include combinations of plastic clays/kaolins or additions of feldspars/silicas as required. These offer a cost effective alternative to fully prepared bodies and can be tailored specifically for the customer.