The name at the very heart of ceramics.

Glazes & Engobes

Often playing the most critical role in a customers final product quality and aesthetics, glazes & engobes need a range of minerals which are not only consistent during processing can also provide flexibility in final product design. Our diverse product portfolio offers minerals and prepared engobes suited to all main users of glazes & engobes: sanitaryware, tile and structural ceramics.

Plastic materials: our range of refined and blended plastic clays and kaolin’s offer high plasticity, clean fired colour and stable rheology.

Fillers: our specialist high purity silica’s control thermal expansion and shrinkage giving regulated rates of thermal expansion for improved glaze to body fit.
Fluxes: Sibelco’s range of feldspathic minerals provides a consistently uniform source of alkali and alumina to speed batch transition to the glassy phase. They will reduce the fusion temperature of the glaze and allow the reproduction of bright, vivid colours.

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